Month: February 2017

The Only Way to Find Out if You Can Fly is to Jump

I spent most of my life agonizing over the smallest decisions. Was I making the right choice, what should I do, what if I fail, what if I succeed, what if, what if…? As if my entire life would crumble to dust if I made a mistake. I was so afraid of making the wrong decision I didn’t allow myself the experience of trying. In fact, I was so afraid to fail that I stopped taking risks. I didn’t follow my heart or try new things out of fear of judgment…and I lived that way for years. Then, it...

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Are You Tired of Being Unhappy?

It’s time to get pissed off. It’s time to get sick and tired of being unhappy or unfulfilled. It’s the only way you’ll make a change and your current life situation is all your fault. I’m pissed off enough…are you? Motivation can come from finding your passion; something that ignites a fire in you so strongly that there’s no other option but to do something different. It can also come from feeling stagnant or just feeling tired of your current life situation. Will you be happy with your life in five years if nothing has changed? Then change it! I’m...

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