Month: April 2016

How Do You Know When You’re Ready to Date? Dating In Early Recovery

Is anyone ever ready to date in early recovery? Anyone who asks me if they should date in their first year of recovery will get the same answer…WAIT until you have a strong spiritual foundation and a solid relationship with yourself. Nobody knows exactly how long that will take but, you’re certainly not going to be ready in a few months and it honestly may take longer than a year. When you’re ready you will have worked on yourself, cleaned out all the garbage you’ve been holding onto and you’ll love yourself enough to know how to be present in a...

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When You Love Yourself First the Rest Will Fall Into Place…

It was a long road but, today I know when you love yourself first the rest will fall into place. When I came into this program I was the queen of humility. I’m not talking about humble in the modest context but, in the ‘I didn’t love myself and didn’t think I deserved love in return’ context. The saddest part is I didn’t even realize I felt that way until I cleaned out all the garbage. I used to get so caught up in what other people were doing, because I didn’t love myself. Constantly complaining and judging others...

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We Rise by Lifting Others! What’s the Real Reason We Don’t Compliment Each Other More?

I recently saw a post on social media that said “shout out to girls who smile at and compliment other girls” and it resonated with me. It immediately reminded me of the people I keep close to me. I appreciate people who can communicate their feelings in an honest way; my closest girlfriends are very open when it comes to giving compliments and rarely put other people down. There’s something so comforting about people who can be vulnerable without even realizing it; they’re just being their positive selves in a beautiful fearless way. Let’s just take a moment to...

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Where Are You If You’re Not in This Moment? Simple Tips for Being Present!

Where Are You If You’re Not in This Moment? Simple Tips for Being Present! “You get there by realizing you’re already there” – Eckhart Tolle About a year ago a book crossed my path called “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. I was immediately captivated and something in that book really resonated with me; “You get there by realizing you’re already there”. This idea of “being present” seemed to be where it’s at (pun intended). I was unknowingly in the midst of a spiritual awakening and this book came into my life out of nowhere and at the perfect time. This has come...

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Have a Goal? How to Set Goals so You’ll Actually Achieve Them

Have a Goal? How to Set Goals so You’ll Actually Achieve Them Setting goals can be intimidating, but they don’t have to be. I’ve always been a “list person”, so learning to set goals was a fairly easy concept for me. I read a couple of books tweaked a few suggestions to fit my needs and found a system that works great. Most importantly setting and accomplishing goals is empowering and builds self confidence. I put together a few simple things you can do to master the art of achieving goals! We achieve goals all the time and don’t even...

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