Month: March 2016

Expectations are Just Premeditated Resentments

Expectations are Just Premeditated Resentments Resentments come in so many forms. They’re exhausting and spread anger and disease throughout your entire body. Resentments don’t just harbor in your mind. When we’re holding onto resentments we’re holding onto negative energy that makes us sick; mind, body and spirit. Negativity uses so much more energy than positive. It’s a breeding ground for mental and physical sickness. It’s been proven that stress causes illness and a weakened immune system. There are also studies that show the response water has to negative and positive energy. The results are profound and I suggest you do a...

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I’ve Had Too Much to Think….Stop Stress and Worry!

I’ve Had Too Much to Think….Stop Stress and Worry! This is for a friend who’s stuck in that place. That place where you feel like you’re drowning in your thoughts. I can’t tell you how many days and hours I spent stressing about things I had no control over.  I used to worry for days about people, places and things and in the end things usually work themselves out. Or, the right solution would show itself. Why did I do it? Why did I spend so much time worrying and questioning everything? Better yet, how did I calm that constant stream of fear...

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